Chained Together APK

Chained Together APK

By: Anger Games


Rating: 4.5+  Downloads: 1588+ Size: 4 GB Updated: June 28, 2024.

Chained Together APK is an exciting game where you can escape from hell. You can play alone or with friends. Although you are all bound together you have to work together to avoid jumping and falling.

The game has different worlds and marks your progress in them. Every world has new and difficult challenges. Whenever a small mistake sets the whole team back, excitement rises. As you climb up, the tension builds as you count each step. This game is for people who seek adventure and like to work together with friends to reach their goals.

In Chained Together APK, the chain is important. It’s not just for show. The chain follows real-life causes and influences the game. As you walk, it wraps around objects and behaves naturally, making climbing difficult.

As a team, you must plan your jumps and pulls to avoid tangles. One good move can save you, but one wrong move can bring it all down. This element of chain physics ensures that teamwork is essential to victory, making the game more interesting.

Chained Together APK


Chained Together APK is a cooperative platform game where players unite and must work as a team to overcome challenging levels and escape the depths of hell.

The game takes players to a hellish situation where they are physically bound to their companions. Since its launch on Android, the game has attracted the attention of a large audience with its innovative concept and engaging gameplay.

At the heart of the experience are cooperative mechanics and physical chains, requiring players to precisely coordinate their movements to meet the game’s challenges.

This feature not only increases the excitement of the game but also increases the appeal of the game for individual players and groups looking for joint gaming adventures. Developed by Anger Games, Chained Together APK is available on the Google Play Store for avid gamers and promises challenges and lively entertainment.

Helpful Tips for this App

  • Communicate well: When you play with friends, communication is important. Make sure everyone knows the plan.
  • Practice alone: ​​Before switching to multiplayer, try practicing alone to gain the necessary skills.
  • Stay close: In multiplayer, try to stay close, as long jumps can easily break coordination.
  • Get to know each world: Take the time to learn about each world’s unique challenges before moving on.
  • Stay Calm in Lava Mode: Lava Mode requires agility, but staying calm helps avoid mistakes.

Chained Together APK

Graphics and Sound Effects in Chained Together APK

The moment I dived into the world of Chained Together APK, I was immediately impressed by the enchanting combination of graphics and sound effects that enrich the gaming experience. This cooperative puzzle-solving adventure on the mobile platform not only challenges my strategic thinking but also immerses me in an engaging visual and audio universe.

Environmental Design: A game’s environmental design serves as more than a backdrop: it sets the stage for adventure and exploration. Each level is carefully designed to not only challenge players with puzzles but also immerse them in diverse and imaginative scenarios. From serene forests to complex mechanical structures, environmental design reinforces the game’s thematic elements and provides a visually dynamic canvas for cooperative play.

Soundtrack and Audio Design: The game’s soundtrack and audio design enrich the gaming experience with immersive soundscapes and emotional textures. From upbeat tunes during moments of triumph to thrilling notes during challenging puzzles, the soundtrack complements the game’s narrative and heightens the emotional connection. Carefully integrated sound effects add layers of immersion to the game’s actions, providing auditory cues that guide players through puzzles and reinforce cooperative strategies.

Dynamic Lighting and Effects: Dynamic lighting and visual effects in the game enhance the game’s visual effects, creating atmospheric depth and dramatic moments. From subtle changes in ambient lighting to dazzling special effects during key game events, dynamic visual elements enhance the game’s overall aesthetic appeal and dynamism. These visual enhancements not only showcase the game’s technical prowess but also add to the excitement and challenge of the cooperative puzzle-solving adventure.

Chained Together APK

What’s new?

Chained Together APK has introduced interesting updates to improve the gaming experience. The game’s developers have listened carefully to community feedback, deepening the engaging social experience and increasing the challenge. These improvements emphasize the unique concept of the game, which combines strategic cooperation with exciting action. Unfortunately, while exact numbers and data on player satisfaction are not available, the update aims to increase player interactions and overall satisfaction. These latest features are now available in Chain Together:

  • New Characters: Expand your adventures with additional characters, each with unique abilities to help you overcome the game’s challenges.
  • Improved Cooperative Play: Cooperative mechanics have been improved, ensuring smoother interactions and strategies between players.
  • Additional Levels: New levels have been added, increasing complexity and variety, forcing players to strategize with greater intensity.
  • Improved Graphics: Visual improvements make hellish conditions more immersive and visually appealing.
    Revised Challenge Mode: Adjustments to the current Challenge Mode to provide a more balanced difficulty curve.
  • Social Features: Improved social interaction features allow players to more easily collaborate with friends and share their achievements.
  • Customization Options: New customization features for characters and chains, allow players to further customize their gaming experience.

These updates aim to establish Chained Together APK as a key player in the cooperative gaming platform, offering fun and challenging teamwork.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Chained Together APK latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size-  4 GB

Current Version: v2.0.1

Rating – 4.6+

Price – Free


Chained Together APK offers hours of fun with friends or alone. Its chain physics makes teamwork essential, while the varied worlds keep things exciting and fresh. The game modes are suitable for all levels, from beginners to experienced players who want a one-on-one challenge. Leaderboards give users a chance to show off their gaming skills like no other! Chained Together is a game worth downloading today – experience the rise!

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