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Call of Duty: Warzone Infinite Ammo Glitch in Akimbo Perk

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Activision launches Call of Duty: Warzone, early this month 2019 Modern Wars Royal spin-off. The NICCO COD Title is available for all platforms in all regions and has recently registered more than 5 million users worldwide. Well, the game is very popular and brings out an endless wardrobe update patch, which not only updates new content but also improves and improves. But players keep reporting errors and problems with the game.

YouTube – Acez Gaming recently discovered a new bug. According to him, there is a way to get endless ammunition for any weapon that can be used with the “Akimbo” advantage. For your information, the Akimbo Advantage Player of Call LDF Duty Zone gives players the ability to play five different two-caliber pistols.

YouTuber claimed that he could swap the entire clip of his left pistol without firing at others, swap it with a gun on the floor, and then raise the first gun with automatically reloaded ammunition.

According to Acez, this new error occurs when the game simply inserts the player’s right-hand pistol as its main weapon while Akimbo takes advantage. This error can lead to improper use because players do not need to reload the weapon manually.

It seems that Infinity Ward has not yet recognized this mess and even the developers are not working on it as we have not seen any clue on the official trail board.

We suggest that you use this break publicly as this may result in account restriction. This came out in a recent report from Infinity Ward, in which the developers announced that more than 70,000 theaters in the COD and War Zone have been banned, so taking risks is not the right choice.

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Written by Sandeep Kumar

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