Battlefield Mobile APK

Battlefield Mobile APK


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Battlefield Mobile APK is an android application developed and offered for android users. Battlefield Mobile APK is a new mobile game for its popular Battlefield franchise developed by ELECTRONIC ARTS.

Gaming giant Electronic Arts have announced that the Battlefield Mobile APK will appear on Android and Apple iOS devices later this year.

Battlefield Mobile APK

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What is Battlefield Mobile APK?

The game was officially released today on EA’s Google Play Store. At the moment it’s just an announcement; Pre-registration is planned.

For more information about features and game modes, see the Battlefield Mobile Catalog on the Play Store. To download Battlefield Mobile from the Play Store, visit the link below.

The list on the Battlefield Mobile Play Store states that the game will be pure FPS (first-person shooter). The PC version has the same game modes as the Mac version. Players can participate in single-player campaigns, FPS battles, and team games.

Battlefield Mobile APK

Highlights of Battlefield Mobile APK

The most suitable PVP game for mobile gaming is Battlefield Mobile APK. We learned to love this important battlefield experience from previous battlefield games. In doing so, they added surprising weather changes during the games, making it extremely popular in a live online community to this day.

A game called Battlefield Mobile App has arrived on the App Store, with some screenshots showing us the gameplay. With its description and screenshots, it looks like a mash-up from Battlefields 3 and 4.

We are finally getting Battlefield Mobile on Android as mobile gaming reaches new heights. The online player community is indeed growing day by day, and now almost every AA title is played on portable devices. Like EA, its an action-packed multiplayer FPS game Battlefield.

Given the hype surrounding the Battlefield 2042 and the Battlefield mobile app, the difference between the settings is closest to the era. Up to 64 players fight in Battlefield Mobile on a single large map with different vehicles and weapons.

Battlefield Mobile APK

Features of Battlefield Mobile APK

  • Collect for the full battle

Battlefield Mobile. Join your friends. The attack maps and modes for you and your crew will be the same for you and the veterans. Discover the latest weapons and gadgets. Tanks, ATVs, and other powerful vehicles are at stake. Do massive environmental destruction to destroy battlefields. As your combat skills increase, you can do mass battles.

  • Only on the battlefield

Wild conditions on the battlefield and explosive glasses can be found in all game modes. Every match is unforgettable, whether you’re knocking down a collapsed tower in your ATV, launching a rocket launcher from a building while skydiving, or pushing your opponents down the rubble of a lost building.

  • Rotate the tide of battle

Each map and each mode gives you a strategic game that is different from any other first-person shooter. You can choose from the following categories: attack, aid, therapy, or espionage. Choose from a wide range of weapons, skins, gadgets, and more to create your loadout. Classes and gear tailored to your game style are your strongest weapons.

  • Protect your team

Take control of the battlefield when you fight your war heroes. Participate in major battles for rewards for joining a battalion or detachment. Make strategic team decisions and upgrade your troops to win the game. With multiple game modes like multiplayer, target, and more, you can defend, destroy, and fight for survival.

  • Make your soldier special

Empower your soldier by finding your style of play. You can customize and improve your weapons, gadgets, skins, and more depending on your class and progress. Every war hero has a different story as he prepares for battle. With the best adaptation ever, you can learn their stories and immerse yourself in battle.

Requires Android -4.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: v0.5.119

Package Name:

Price – Free

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