Banana Shooter APK

Banana Shooter APK

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Rating: 4.5+  Downloads: 20, 988+ Size: 23.3 MB Updated: September 19, 2023.

Banana Shooter Apk is a 2D platform game in which you control a cute monkey named Kong, who has to help you move through the jungle collecting all the bananas you find along the way. However, Kong does not travel from vine to vine, but from barrel to barrel, using them as if they were cannonballs.

The controls in Banana Shooter are very simple. All you have to do is tap the screen to shoot Cannon Kong. For this reason, your aim must be very good when in a rotating cannon.

Banana Shooter Apk is a very interesting platform game that draws its ideas from the Donkey Kong saga. The result is an addictive and beautiful game with a control system suitable for touchscreen devices.

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What is Banana Shooter Apk?

The Banana Shooter Apk game is like playing slingshot to become the king of archery by knocking down all the bananas.

Get a high score by shooting and tearing all the bananas. Increase the game score again by getting power-ups. No doubt you will enjoy this new shooting game among all other shooting games, you will definitely enjoy the journey of this new shooting game and strike like other online shooting games. Like the old slingshot game, this game uses double-sided hooks along with ropes and arrows to hit the target.

Become an archer or experience slingshot archery which is a slingshot game with this Banana Shooter game.

This banana shooter game has five lives and is one of the best free shooter games for kids. Among all banana shooting games, kids will love this new shooting game and it is the best puzzle game among all arcade shooting games and offline shooting games. Also, it is free to play and you will love to play it in a banana shooter game.

In this banana shooter if you shoot a banana you get one point but if you shoot a green banana you lose an arrow life. In this archery game, you have to shoot yellow bananas.

Banana Shooter Apk the floating power bubbles in the play area of this banana shooter game and get power magic and get more points by hitting them with your arrow.

Banana Shooter APK

Features of Banana Shooter Apk

  • There are many game modes to choose from in this App.
  • Lots of great cards to choose from in Banana Shooter.
  • Game events throughout the year.
  • Follow for regular updates on Banana Shooter.
  • Tons of awesome cosmetics made by community members.

The Banana Shooter App rewards you with one point if you shoot a banana, but you lose your arrow if you shoot a green banana. You have to shoot yellow bananas with your archery game.

In this game, hit the floating power bubbles and shoot them with your arrows to gain power and get more points.

Interesting features available here

  • Pills in slow motion
  • If you want to change the pace, you can
  • Friction No friction removes friction from the ground
  • Fly and hold space for infinite jumps
  • There is a magic bullet that shoots everywhere, kills players, and earns money
  • The never-ending shine of Banana Shooter.
  • Banana Shooter no recoil or spring
  • Banana Shooter you’re dead, you can kill

Backup power

  • Various powers will be unlocked.
  • electrical power of the Banana Shooter.
  • Banana Shooter missile power
  • An orange fish powerhouse
  • Cutting power with two ninja blades
  • Ninja Knife Power
  • Bounce the ball with crackle power
  • Power generated by paddlewheels.

Banana Shooter APK


As for Dave, you’re not a banana; You’re a banana lover, Dave. Since you like bananas, you have to kill other devs to get Banana Shooter. When you hit the most you will get a banana. During gameplay, you fight against other players with a configured gun or knife.

You can earn coins by killing enemies to improve your movement speed, blood amount, and upper limit of your movement speed of Banana Shooter.  This map has a nice backroom and a strange core that will definitely catch your eye.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Banana Shooter Apk is the latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 23.3 MB

Current Version: v2.3

Package Name: com.twobgames.banana.shooter

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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