Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod APK

 Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod APK

By: fffungame



Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 19, 940+ Size: 30.05 MB Updated: September 20, 2023.

Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod Apk does not require any tutorial or instructions. Because the controls are so simple, anyone can learn how to use them quickly. The App has a very easy-to-use interface with intuitive taps and swipes.

This makes it easy and fun to jump right into arm wrestling with other players. There’s also a useful Help menu on the Settings screen. It will give you useful instructions and tips if you really need it.

Moreover, the graphics of Arm Wrestling Clicker are stunning and have colorful 3D characters. It adds an extra level of entertainment to the game. The animations have a realistic feel and create tension in every fight.

Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod APK

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About Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod Apk

Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod Apk supports multiple languages. Allows people from all over the world, like English, Portuguese, Spanish, and more. Thus they join this exciting game without any problem.

This way, everyone can easily choose their language choice and then start breaking their opponents’ hands like clockwork. It is truly a wonderful experience, no matter where one comes from. Whether it’s the United States, Brazil, or Japan, anyone can now play from anywhere and whenever they want.

It includes tournaments around the world where players have to compete against unknown players for a chance to win good prize money. Here players compete with their brains for fame and glory in an exciting competition where strength reigns supreme, it is definitely not for the faint of heart.

There are also rankings so that each player who competes knows where they stand among their peers, the stronger ones will rank higher than others, but if they prove themselves in a few matches they can reach the top and survive. ..

What makes this app even more fun is that it never gets boring with endless levels and challenges around every corner! This high difficulty allows regular fighters to stay entertained while newcomers discover how exciting it really is because different types of opponents have different skill sets and no two matches are the same.

Additionally, they don’t look the same, challenging any player. Consistently regardless of their win or loss record in previous matches. Or rank among your peers.

Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod APK

Features of Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod Apk

Smooth Control:

The App features intuitive and easy-to-learn controls that will help you quickly learn how to Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod Apk and become a master of the game. All you have to do is touch your opponent block their attacks and counter with the right shots.

Four levels of difficulty:

It allows players to choose from four different difficulty levels, giving players the ability to customize the game to suit their abilities. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at arm wrestling, you’ll have a hard time finding the right attitude!

Unlockable Devices:

As you progress through the Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod Apk, you’ll unlock new accessories like gloves, elbow pads, and wrist guards that will improve your performance while still looking stylish.

Opponents only:

The app’s various tournaments feature a variety of unique opponents, each with its own unique fighting style and techniques, meaning no two battles are the same! It adds variety and great replay value to each tournament, so it doesn’t feel boring or repetitive even after multiple playthroughs.

Discover daily bonuses:

Every day, players receive special bonus missions in the app that offer rewards upon completion, ranging from XP points to valuables not typically found in regular tournaments. So be careful and keep competing if you want to get bonus rewards.

Complete Stats System:

After each game, players can view detailed stats including time spent in battle, complete streaks, average opponent hit accuracy rate, and more, as well as information such as your short-term and pre-game performance. Instant Correction. The destination offers excellent insights. As well as. Later enemies in the game world.

Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod APK

Additional Features of Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod Apk

  • Coupons are provided daily!
  • Become the strongest arm wrestling champion in the world!
  • Check out the new coupons added in the game settings window.
  • Arm wrestling is a sport in which participants compete with only their arms. The aim of the game is to find out who has the strongest weapon and the greatest power.
  • Take part in various dumbbell competitions to win valuable prizes!
  • Getting other hair, clothes, and relics can help you get stronger.
  • Totally Free: This game is totally free to play. You do not have to pay anything to participate. It’s great, isn’t it?
  • No Root: No root is required for this file. It’s totally unoriginal.

Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod APK

Gameplay of Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod Apk

Another fun semantic content, Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod Apk is a fun game. Players enter the world of arm wrestling and compete to see which district can become the champion. On the other hand, this character still has a long way to go before being able to appear in an event of this level.

Creating a new website, training hard, using different devices, buying clothes and all accessories, and much more are reserved for him. People fascinated by such systems will find this idea very interesting and attractive.

Arm Wrestling Clicker Mod APK


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Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 30.05 MB

Current Version: v1.3.6

Package Name: com.fffungame.armwrestlingclicker

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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