Arcade Hole Mod APK

Arcade Hole Mod APK

By: Rollic Games


Rating: 4.5+  Downloads: 17,528+ Size: 70 MB Updated: July 11, 2022.

Enjoy an entertaining and challenging action game called Arcade Hole Mod Apk. The game is designed in a simple style that allows players to easily play it even offline. The goal of Arcade Hole Mod is to control black holes that devour everything around or in the area.

Publisher Rolic Games has released a number of products that impress gamers around the world, including the game. The game offers an exciting experience, so you can be sure that it will not disappoint.

Alternatively, you can also play Arcade Hole Mod Unlimited Money, which is a modified version of the game. Arcade Hole Mod Apk Unlimited Money also allows you to upgrade your home to the initial level.

Take a look at the highlights of the latest version of Arcade Hole Mod Apk for more details.

Arcade Hole Mod APK

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What is Arcade Hole Mod Apk?

Arcade Hole Mod Apk (unlimited time, maximum size, money) There is definitely horror in every little thing. If you look at the world, it can swallow any small thing with it, even a planet. takes players to the open city where you can go anywhere.

The game will also have an arena, thanks to which you can play directly with other players. “Joe” literally starts eating. Each game only lasts 2 seconds, which means you have to quickly figure out what you can eat and try to enlarge the hole to eat more.

Swallow different things from small to big and slide to understand them. Make Money To Improve Your Hole, Make It Bigger, And Eat Less! Use everything in the city as much as you can! One of the most fun free games

Hall Arcade Free offers satisfactory graphics for everyone with excellent passive mechanics. Make sure you have the right upgrade to increase your size, speed, and fodder capacity and you’re ready to go! Arcade is one of the most popular games and we hope you enjoy playing it!

Arcade Hole Mod APK

Features of Arcade Hole Mod Apk

If you are looking for a casual game to play in your spare time, try Arcade Hall now.

Become a Black Hole – Nowadays we can find a variety of free games on the market. You can choose between racing games, action games, or adventure games.

If you get bored easily, there are lots of fun games to play. Now you can download arcade halls and if you like casual games you can become a black hole that eats everything that comes your way.

Swallow It All – There are lots of casual games that we can all enjoy. The arcade hole lets you become a black hole, eating everything you come across. Real money items and gems can be swallowed here.

If you swallow it and get overwhelmed, it turns into real money. Anyone can understand and play the game. There are so many things to improve here!

Improve your statistics – In Arcade Hall you can improve a lot of things so you can swallow more things and earn more money. Your speed can be upgraded first, allowing you to quickly reach different areas. You start at a normal pace, but this can be improved over time.

Also, the radius of the circle allows you to fit more objects. This will give you bigger and heavier gems which are more expensive. Last but not least, you can expand your capacity to accommodate more items per trip. It costs money to upgrade, so the more you upgrade, the more you will need.

Funny 3D Game – Everyone can enjoy this 3D casual game. There is no penalty or error in this game because this is an entertaining game. You can move around your black hole with a simple movement pad. You can then control everything by touching the screen.

Arcade Hole Mod APK

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Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: V0.3.3

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Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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