Apk Tag Whatsapp APK

 Apk Tag Whatsapp APK

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Rating: 4.5+  Downloads: 17,528+ Size: 39.3 MB Updated: July 08, 2022.

Apk Tag Whatsapp Apk, because of its simple registration process various visitors prefer the app: Users can register using their phone number. Registration is easy for any user.

Once you’ve registered, you can access the app’s features. Users can access and connect with friends by registering with their phone numbers.

Unlike passwords and usernames, APK tags eliminate the need to remember excessive information about a WhatsApp account.

These two themes are perfect for people who use the app frequently and need a login process. Also, they have to remember a lot of different information about these apps that they will eventually forget. There is no doubt that the apk tag WhatsApp app will be available from there.

Apk Tag Whatsapp APK

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What is Apk Tag Whatsapp Apk?

Apk Tag Whatsapp Apk is an improved and improved version of the original WhatsApp. Although there are no bugs in the original, it lacks some features and sometimes it becomes tedious to use the app.

Apk Tag Whatsapp is a version that provides useful features that are not present in the original application. It doesn’t matter if we use the original app or modded, we are always looking for the best app that offers us the best features.

There are many  Apk Tag Whatsapp on the internet, some of them are fake or just a copy of the original app without any new features.

Therefore, we have decided to collect such  Apk Tag Whatsapp from various trusted sources and make them easily available to you.

For today’s article, we have discussed some of the features of  Apk Tag Whatsapp with direct download links. Try the latest version of FMWhatsapp APK and enjoy all these cool features.

Apk Tag Whatsapp Apk

Features of Apk Tag Whatsapp Apk

Apk Tag Whatsapp has some key features, so  Apk Tag Whatsapp was developed by a private developer.

  • Anti-ban:

The most promising feature of  Apk Tag WhatsApp is that your account will not be blocked like the official WhatsApp. You are free to use APK Tag Whatsapp as it saves you from being banned.

  • Built-in call blocker:

There is an option for a built-in call blocker and you can allow a specific caller to make your calls. This feature allows you to block people from calling.

  • Different languages:

Apk Tag Whatsapp has multiple languages ​​so you can use any language you want for the app.

  • Adjust settings:

Apk Tag Whatsapp has been developed with a custom settings feature. You can set up your WhatsApp as you wish.

  • Various topics:

Fouad WhatsApp has tons of themes in its theme store; You can use any theme of your choice. No need to download the theme before installation, it will be downloaded automatically and saved on your device.

  • Preview themes:

Before setting up a theme from the theme store, you can preview it to see what that theme will look like. Option to change the date/time color The new updated version of WhatsApp allows you to change the date and time color on the screen.

  • Background image:

The feature of Fouad Mods WhatsApp is that you can customize any wallpaper in chat. You can also get photos on WhatsApp from the store.

  • The color of the remaining messages:

The color of pending messages in  Apk Tag Whatsapp can be changed. You can separate the remaining message from other messages.

  • Conversation and group pictures:

Conversation pictures and group pictures can also be added through WhatsApp. You can add your own or any other picture you like. The image is displayed without cutting. Forward message background color:

  • Translation:

The various language translation features available in Fude WhatsApp can help you translate any language automatically without the use of any external software.

  • Redirect tag disabled:

The most annoying tag is the official WhatsApp redirect tag that is always present with the message that you can be disabled with this modified version of WhatsApp.

  • Tempo:

The speed of the new  Apk Tag Whatsapp is superb and it is also secure. This speed is faster than the official WhatsApp and it will not stop.

  • Media in Gallery:

You can hide the available media in the gallery of Fouad WhatsApp. It is more secure than the official WhatsApp.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Apk Tag Whatsapp Apk’s latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: V2.22.15.11

Package Name:

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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