Apex Legends Mobile APK

Apex Legends Mobile APK


Rating: 4.2+  Downloads: 4000+ Size: 2.6 MB Updated: March 09, 2022.

Finally, Apex Legends Mobile APK is now available on Android and we have been playing Apex Legends Mobile for quite some time it is really interesting today in this article.

We will show you how to download and run Apex Legends Mobile on your phone right now. So at first glance, the game looks great and the graphics are amazing it is the killer of PUBG Mobile and if you are tired of waiting for PUBG Mobile then I am sure you will enjoy this game.

Apex Legends Mobile APK

About Apex Legends Mobile APK

Apex Legends has already become popular among gamers and the game is available for regional download as a closed beta on Android. It is learned that the game will start closed beta in India and the Philippines. Today we are going to share some knowledge to help you download and install on Android.


This game is certainly not easy to play. However, this does not mean that the game is not very interesting. This is one of the best games for Android, so you can easily guess how exciting the story of this game will be. Of course, even professional players need a lot of practice to master the game.

Apex Legends Mobile Apk is a battle royale game similar to PUBG but more advanced. As the name implies, players can simultaneously play with any legendary character while playing.

There are a total of four mythological characters in the game You will be able to choose your favorite legend while profiling in the game Each of the legends has its weaknesses and strengths Each legend has a special power that they can use while playing.

Like any other Battle Royale, this game is tower-based. In each round, a team of three players plays together and fights against the other team.

Apex Legends Mobile APK

Features of Apex Legends Mobile APK

Mythological character

  • Discover a growing number of powerful legends
  • Choose from a variety of characters to find the most suitable heroes for your style of play
  • Legends have their personalities, strengths, and abilities
  • Immerse yourself in the universe with a deep story and character profile
  • Customize your favorite legends with unique skins to express yourself and stand out.

Multiplayer class

  • Choose your legend and join the other two players
  • Combine your unique skills to form the ultimate team
  • Join friends and players to play a role on the team and master the game

Innovative cooperatives

  • Fighting fast requires smaller matches and better play.
  • Communicate like a professional and stay active with an intelligent

Communication system

  • Proceed to victory with the most elite weapon loadout in each shooting game.
  • Structural Warfare Royal
  • Master your legendary skills
  • Make a strategic call immediately
  • Tactics will be needed to harness the unique power of each legend
  • When to opt for a unique arsenal of external weapons, gear, and skills
  • User-optimized UI and control systems enhance the mobile experience
  • The power of legend

Legendary skills often help you get out of tight spots and loot safely. Occasionally looting is seen everywhere on various supply ships.

Here you will find helmets, armor, ammunition, and health packs scattered everywhere. A notable feature of the Apex Legends mobile app is that it has nothing worse than your current bag.

Which saves a lot of space. The ammunition you collect will be tied to your search. Apex Legends APK will add unlimited Legend tokens to your account.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Apex Legends Mobile APK latest version.

Requires Android –4.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: v0.8.1252.24

Rating – 4+

Price – Free

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