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AndroRAT Apk’s first goal is to make people better aware of the potential effects of information and activity on Android devices. Among the user community, it helps raise awareness about privacy and information security.

Remote access to Android devices is one of the main capabilities of AndroRat. The user can now perform tasks that were previously only possible on the device.

AndroRAT Apk provides an opportunity to learn more about how actions taken on Android devices can affect the broader context of information security and privacy. It also highlights the importance of using this tool ethically and carefully.

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What is AndroRAT Apk?

The amazing AndroRAT Apk GitHub security testing tool comes with a wide range of great features for Android smartphones. Although initially designed with education and research in mind, AndroRat’s unique features have drawn interest from the information security and privacy industry.

AndroRAT Apk is a multifunctional tool that, apart from being a security testing program, allows users to perform various operations on Android smartphones. Includes control over your device’s contacts, messages, calls, and many other functions.

Features of AndroRAT Apk

  • Remote Control: It allows users to control their devices from anywhere, offering functionality such as reading and sending messages, making and recording calls, and much more.
  • Device Tracking: With built-in GPS tracking, locating a lost or misplaced device has never been easier.
  • Data Recovery: Lost your data? Androrat has won you over. Recover lost or deleted files with just one click.
  • Stealth Mode: Operate without the device user’s knowledge, ensuring your activities remain secret and anonymous.
  • Server Connection Activation: It can activate server connections, allowing easy data transfer and communication.
  • Camera Control:  AndroRAT provides the power to remotely activate the camera. You can also take pictures or record videos without alerting the device user.
  • Access to notifications: Stay up to date with what’s happening on your device. Receive real-time notifications for messages, calls, apps, and more.
  • Multiple device management: Android is not limited to one device. You can manage and monitor multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Secure data storage: All data accessed and retrieved is stored securely using advanced encryption, ensuring maximum privacy.
  • Battery Efficiency: Despite its powerful capabilities, AndroRAT Apk is designed to consume minimal battery life, ensuring that your device stays charged for longer.

Mod Features of AndroRAT APK

  • Get in touch (and all info).
  • Get call logs AndroRAT.
  • Get all the news.
  • GPS/Network Location.
  • Monitor incoming messages in real time.
  • Real-time monitoring of phone status (incoming calls, sent calls, missed calls…).
  • Take a photo with the camera.
  • Stream audio from your microphone (or another source…).
  • Video Streaming (Active Subscribers Only).
  • Call to send an SMS to AndroRAT.
  • Open the URL in your default browser.
  • AndroRAT please vibrate the phone.

Top tips while using Android mobile devices

When diving into Androrat, here are some tips and tricks to improve the experience:

  • Stay up to date: Always make sure you have downloaded the latest version of AndroRAT Apk. Regular updates not only provide new features but also security patches.
  • Use Stealth Mode: To maintain discretion, always turn on Stealth Mode, especially if surveillance is required.
  • Regular Backups: Use AndroRAT to back up your data regularly, ensuring you don’t lose important information.
  • Customize Settings: Go to the Settings menu and make changes based on your preferences. AndroRat offers plenty of customization options to personalize your experience.
  • Monitor Notifications: Use the Notifications feature. This ensures that you don’t miss any important information or activity on the device.
  • Protect your Androrat account: Always use a strong password and change it regularly. This ensures that your tracking activities remain private and secure.

Additional Information About AndroRAT Apk latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 3.43 MB

Current Version: v1.2

Package Name:

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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