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How to apply for liquor purchase online token process Details: Delhi Aam Aadmi Party government has introduced e-token for buying liquor in stores to maintain social segregation. Due to the growing congestion of liquor shops in Delhi, the government has now launched an e-token system for selling liquor with vouchers. For this, the government has launched a website www.qtoken.in.


If you want to buy alcohol, you must register with your name, address, and mobile number. After registration, an e-coupon with a time window will be sent to your mobile phone. Those who want to buy liquor can apply for the official website https://www.qtoken.in/alcohol/application/dine/line Delhi Alcohol Token Form.

Last update: – Delhi government introduced token systems for buying liquor. Apply online with your name, address, government ID number, and the name of the nearest liquor store, etc. You will then be released. You can visit July according to your scheduled time. The number of offline flying applications is given below.


About Delhi Liquor Purchase Token – www.qtoken.in

In the situation of Covid-19 blocked, Delhi Excise Department announced an e-token service on May 7, 2020, which is open to all candidates. The e-token registration function was opened only for candidates who wanted to buy liquor without long queues. To get this token, interested people must visit Qtoken.in official website. The wine shop only offers wine according to the time slot on your ticket after registration. The Delhi government has approved the opening of about 160 stores by May 8, 2020. Stay up to date and stay in touch with us about the latest updates.


Apply to buy online Delhi Liquor e-token

In view of the long queue, the Delhi government has decided to sell alcohol through the e-coupon system to maintain physical distance from the condition and prevent the spread of corona. So the Delhi government has published a web link on www.qtoken.in. People who want to buy alcohol can visit the Delhi Liquor Token website and go to the store to buy alcohol. An e-coupon is sent to the mobile phone while visiting the shop. You don’t need a long line to buy alcohol. The name and cell phone number should be on your e-token along with the address of the nearest store.

Registration Details are required for online registration

  • Government. ID Type – Aadhaar Card, PAN Card, Driver’s License, etc.
  • Government ID number
  • Surname
  • Find out where you live now
  • Mobile number
  • Select the nearest store

Delhi Sharab Token – Frequently Asked Questions about Delhi Alcohol

Q1. What is the time to apply for Delhi Sharab Token?

Answer: After applying to buy Delhi Sharab Token (Delhi Sharabi) online form, the time of the slot is automatically determined. How – 7:30 to 10:30

Q2. What documents are required to apply for Delhi Sharab Token?

Answer: If you want to apply for Delhi Sharab e-token, you need the government. ID, contact details, home address.

Q3. I want the delivery of sharab at home. Can I register at qtoken.in?

Answer: No, there is no possibility of home delivery of wine. You should go to the nearest wine store with a token and a valid ID.

Beware of Social Media Fraud: Online fraud is committed in the name of delivering alcohol home through social media advertising. The excise department had lodged a complaint with the Delhi Police Cyber ​​Cell and Crime Branch in this regard. He only talks about alcohol and home delivery to deceive people. So beware of such scams.

How to apply online to buy Delhi liquor from e-Token

Step 1: First go to the official Delhi Liquor e-Token Portal @ www.qtoken.in (link below)

Step 2: On the home page, click the “Request to buy alcohol” link.

Step 3: Now enter your correct data

Step 4: Now select Shop & click on “Apply e-Token”.

Step 5: After your successful registration, a token will be shown on your mobile.



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