Revelation Mobile APK

Revelation Mobile APK

By: VNG Corporation – Công ty Cổ phần VNG.


Rating: 4.7+  Downloads: 502+ Size: 1.3 GB Updated: March 04, 2023.

It’s your world, it’s your decision. Revelation Mobile Apk can live your life the way you want.

This is the message and value NetEase and VNG convey to our players through their partnership. After four years of research and development, we are proud to reveal a companion for youth, a place to relax and unwind after a day of gaming.

Apart from stunning visuals and graphics, Revelation a lot of emphasizes the feeling of being yourself and being yourself, embarking on any adventure in the vast world beyond the horizon of sky and sea. Explore the world with us at Revelation and experience the many unique features and experiences we proudly call “One Revelation”.

In this version of Revelation Mobile App, four design and development philosophies from the previous PC version have been carried over into the game.

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What is Revelation Mobile Apk?

In the world we want to live in our development team has put in thousands of hours referencing thousands of reality shows, parks, and amusement parks to improve this world. Revelation Mobile Apk features large, living oceans and skies that players can explore at their leisure, where they are completely free to soar through the clouds or dive into the depths of the ocean, feeling truly grounded as they explore this world. With this, we strive to enhance the immersive experience for players so that they can fully enjoy the endless, majestic, and amazing scenes of Apocalypse.

Take the role you want, and be who you want.

Our main goal at Wahoo is to inspire our players to emulate a personality that has the courage to do what others cannot, to do what we want to do. As part of our Revelation Mobile font creation system, we allow you to customize every detail of your character and deep mod system with as much flexibility as possible.

In fact, the quality and perfection of detail in this mobile RPG are so great and intense that it surpasses the quality of some of the best games on the market today. The NPCs in this game are created using an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) system to enhance the player’s experience while playing the game.

In addition, social and work systems are heavily invested in the game in an attempt to bring out players’ creativity in their characters. Become a musician, dancer, designer, chef, or vigilante in Expression and express yourself freely and create a wider ecosystem with other players who share your interests. Hopefully, in the future, the Revelation Mobile Apk feature will become a better support for players to reach new levels in role-playing games.

Explore the world and experience adventure on your way

Our development team places great emphasis on the game’s freedom and exploration, which is why we offer Revelation Mobile Apk players a wide variety of gameplay options: whether they want to conquer, explore, or seek the truth. With over 100 stories, over 300 collectibles, and over 500 mini-games, we aim to deliver a truly immersive adventure experience!

International Ecosystem

Explore a multinational PVP setting against 6 Southeast Asian nations. Players will enjoy addictive and aimless combat. Our goal is to create a more dynamic and comprehensive community environment for gamers.  Revelation Mobile introduces and enhances all the core elements of the MMORPG. Hopefully, It will elevate MMORPGs to the level of sports. Be careful!

Features of Revelation Mobile Apk

Everyone wants to live in the same world.

This world consists of real showers, parks, and amusement parks built by our development team instead of hours of research. In the Revelation Mobile app, players can travel to the cloud, but thanks to the expansion of the game,

They are forever grateful to Diana Sagar and Akash. This is part of our effort to improve immersive quality so that players can experience endless, fast-paced, and high-powered scenes.

Change your name and RPG to your heart’s content.

“It’s not worth it to them to create a quest character” is the value you want to ask your players. At APOKALI we offer deep freedom and a fluid mod system that you can use to customize all components.

The pinnacle of excellence in the best furniture games is highly focused. An advanced system was used to create all NPCs to improve the overall player experience.

Social and work settings are heavily involved in promoting the emergence of the player character. In Revelation Mobile, you can express yourself differently by creating an amazing illustration of a musician, dancer, designer, chef, or similar visions. Ultimately, we hope this functionality will help players on new gaming platforms.

Ability to travel and vibrate your way.

In Apocalypse, we give players game options to choose and decide whether to seek the truth or not. In fact, our development team values freedom and fun, and our comprehensive system has over 100 displays, telling you which locator is among 300 mini kinds of toothpaste.

A complete ecosystem that enables international communication.

Enjoy a global PvP system against 6 Southeast Asian countries. The best PvP players switch to non-target mode and continue the fight. We work together to create a more dynamic and inclusive community environment for players.

All the essential elements of the MMORPG genre are presented and developed. Revelation Mobile is expected to be the first mobile MMORPG to define the genre as eSport.

How to install the Revelation Mobile Apk on your Android device?

  1. Using your browser, you can download the APK file directly to your Android smartphone or tablet.
  2. Tap on your browser’s application file to download it.
  3. You will then see the download in the top bar of your device.
  4. After downloading the APK, tap the file under Downloads and confirm your decision by tapping Yes.
  5. A new application will be installed on your device.

Please contact us if you have problems installing the app.

What is the Plus point of Revelation Mobile Apk?

  1. From a third-party website, you can download the latest version of the Revelation Mobile Apk. You can move most versions around in the app store.
  2. You won’t see the verification method on it, it downloads immediately, unlike the Play Store.
  3. While downloading, a file is placed on your memory card or system storage. As such, you uninstall and reinstall them when not downloading them.

What is the Minus point of Revelation Mobile Apk?

  1. Sometimes Google doesn’t verify the installation of apps from third-party sources. As a result, your phone may suffer damage.
  2. There are viruses in files that can steal information from your phone or damage it.
  3. There may be times when your apps cannot access the Google Play Store, making it impossible for them to update mechanically.

The most frequently asked questions

Q: How much does Revelation Mobile Apk cost?

A: You can use it for free and it has unlimited possibilities. Paying for business mode can be expensive. However, you can get the APK for free here.

Q: How do you download the Revelation Mobile Apk from Apkfreeload?

A; There is nothing complicated about it. In this article, I have shared this software for free so you don’t have to go anywhere else. You can download it for free from Tell your friends and family about your experiences.

Q: What is the Revelation Mobile Apk?

A: This is one of the most useful apps for Android.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Revelation Mobile Apk’s latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size- 1.3 GB

Current Version: v0.17.0

Package Name:

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free


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