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Pokemon Go Can’t Connect To PokeBall Plus Fix Coming Soon

By: Prabhakar Kumar

Pokemon Plus for Pokemon Go and Pokemon Let Go is a kind of controller that automatically rotates the Pokemon stop and catches Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Since the last update, many users have had problems connecting to Pokobul Plus. He took to Twitter to express his concern.

The good news is that Nintendo has recognized the problem. You promise to fix the problem with the next update. He tweeted:

On the Known Issues page, the issue is registered with the following status: Pokemon Go Plus and Poke Ball Plus do not connect to apps on Android devices

Problem description: Pokemon Go Plus and Poke Ball Plus devices are not recognized by the app on Android devices and cannot connect to the game.
Problem Status: Fix in upcoming updates
Instructors will have to wait for the next update to use Pocket Ball Plus again. We hope Nintendo releases the update soon.

Written by Sandeep Kumar

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