ML China Server APK

ML China Server APK

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Rating: 4.5+  Downloads: 17,528+ Size: 1.20 GB Updated: July 10, 2022.

If you are looking for a new and latest private server for the popular action-based adventure game Mobile Legend Bang Bang, you need to download the latest version of ML China Server Apk for free and install it on your smartphone and tablet.

As you know, private servers offer users additional features and also help them unlock premium or paid items, items, and features for free.

Like other online MOBA games, MLBB games have a lot of premium and paid game resources that players need to unlock in the original game by paying money in the game or completing various difficult tasks and missions.

Because really, some things in mobile legends are usually very open, especially Esmeralda. Knowing this, the mobile legends on the Chinese server have changed their body parts.

In addition, Mobile Legends removed the Mobile Legends logo on Chow’s chest and the UFC characters on his gloves. For those of you who don’t know, UFC is a mixed martial arts advertising agency.

ML China Server APK

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What is ML China Server Apk?

ML China Server Apk is an Android action game, one of the most popular multiplayer online battlefield games. Start the battle here defend your territory and attack your opponents to win and enjoy the game.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is the most popular Android game that offers users multiplayer online gameplay. Here is a collection of some of the best features to access and enjoy your time.

Multiple servers are available for players from different regions. Most features are almost identical, but some features are provided in limited services. So we will share some features on the new server.

A new server has been added for the entertainment and fun of the players. We will share similar features and unique features. So, find out all the information about the newly added server below.

ML China Server APK

Features of ML China Server APK

  • Classic MOBA Maps, 5v5 battles:

Real-time 5v5 battles against real opponents. Fight in 3 lanes to destroy enemy towers. 4 forests. 18 defense towers. And 2 rude bosses. Full entertainment of the classic MOBA map. Full 5v5 human-to-human war. Conqueror’s return to the original MOBA gameplay.

  • Win with teamwork and strategy:

Stop the damage, dominate the enemy and heal the allies! Choose from tanks, tables, weapons, assassins, support, and more to anchor your team or participate in the MVP! Every time a new hero is introduced!

  • Fair fight, lead your team to victory:

Unlike classic MOBAs, there is no hero training or paying for statistics. Winners and losers will be determined based on skill and performance in this fair and balanced competitive gaming platform. Play to win, don’t pay to win.

  • Easy operation, easy to control:

With a virtual joystick on the left and a list button on the right, you only need 2 fingers to control it! With AutoCAD and Target Screening, you can strike your heart’s content one last time. Don’t miss it! And a simple tapping system allows you to focus on the thrill of battle!

  • 0-second match, 10-minute match:

Matchmaking takes only 10 seconds and battles last up to 10 minutes, with excellent starting levels and sharp jumps in battle. Less annoying cuts and repetitive farming, more exciting action, and lightning-quick wins. Take your phone with you anywhere, anytime, and immerse yourself in an exciting MOBA competition.

  • Intelligent offline AI support:

In most MOBAs, joining your team means your team will be suspended, but if you disconnect, Mobile Legend’s powerful reconnection system can bring you back into battle in seconds. And while you’re offline, your character will be treated by our AI system to avoid 5v4 situations.

  • Matchmaking in 10 seconds Matchmaking in 10 minutes

Matchmaking only takes 10 seconds. The game lasts only 10 minutes. Let’s stop falling to the floor in the opening game and immediately engage in a fierce battle. More thrilling action and fist-pumping wins and less annoying cuts and repetitive farming. Just pick up the phone

Start the game and immerse yourself in an exciting MOBA match anywhere, anytime.

  • Intelligent AI offline support

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s powerful reconnect system brings you back into the game in seconds if you lose connection during intense gameplay.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about ML China Server Apk’s latest version.

Requires Android -5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

Current Version: V1.1.88

Package Name: com.dfjz.moba

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free


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