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Gravity Files APK



Rating: 4.5+  Downloads: 20, 976+ Size: 19 MB Updated: September 13, 2023.

Gravity Files Apk is an anime parody game. In which you play as a newcomer to the city, aiming to discover its secrets. On your journey, you will meet different characters with stories. Also, fight enemies and discover secrets.

You can only be solved by exploring the deeper stories associated with the city and its inhabitants. It offers players the opportunity to solve many challenging puzzles to progress through entertaining stories. Plus, with exciting adventures full of intrigue and mystery.

It will keep them guessing till the end. With many NPCs to help you on your journey and unexpected stories. With all the new challenges presented to you, no session will feel like another.

Monsters are everywhere in Gravity Files Apk. So get ready for an exciting battle with your faithful companions as you try to save it from destruction. Defeat powerful bosses using card pack strategies filled with special ability cards.

It can also be used in puzzle-solving stages; Each character has a unique ability. When strategic combinations are formed, they gain special advantages.

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About Gravity Files Apk

As you find objects of various shapes dropped by enemies around Gravity City, many options open up for solving puzzles and collecting items. These include points awarded for completing levels to reward rare items or new gameplay possibilities.

Such as upgrading equipment or learning new skills that give you more options to choose from in battle scenes. Earn different trophies based on how well you solve the puzzles. These rewards unlock unique outfits for any character, making them even more formidable opponents.

Against the villains trying to destroy the inhabitants of Gravity Files Apk. Compete online against other players when you have enough data available – teamwork will be invaluable. Due to various difficulties associated with certain levels.

Play as Asagi and Rin back-to-back, allowing for problem-solving strategies when tackling difficult stages, even in multiplayer; Cooperative mode reveals never-before-seen secrets, while engaging in competitive activities allows multiple players to participate in the impressive hub of gaming features available through the Nether Network App Store for a specific period of time. in weeks or months.

Gravity Files APK

What are our future plans?

Next update:

  • Make new characters expressive by adding gestures and expressions.
  • Updated some of Mabel’s descriptions to reflect the time of day.
  • A new SFW and NSFW CG has been added.
  • Continue the main story.

Long term

  • Navigate between locations using the world map.
  • The list should be added.
  • The addition of a quest system will help the player develop a bond with the characters and progress the story.
  • Change places
  • Introducing new iconic characters
  • Lewis’ images, animations, and art are everywhere.
  • The music is original.

Gravity Files APK

Features of Gravity Files Apk

Create your own character:

The high-quality character editor allows you to create the character of your dreams with a wide selection of options, which can be modified to bring them to life and make them the way you want. Whether you want a unique hero or anti-hero, you’re sure to find something that fits your taste perfectly and makes gaming more fun.

Unique gameplay:

Gravity Files Apk offers a unique and exciting gaming experience thanks to its adventurous exploration and unexpected story that gives you an entertaining experience every time. Players will discover the secrets of the city as they travel through different districts and meet unique characters while facing mysterious enemies along the way.

Time Management System:

This feature gives players more control over their characters’ performance as they progress through the game using a timeline system, allowing them to manage their time efficiently, such as setting an alarm or snoozing when needed.

Preparation and Storage:

As you progress through your journey, a number of items will become available to help increase your character’s attack power, including weapons, armor, accessories, consumables, and talismans that increase stats or grant temporary special effects such as invincibility. To further enhance the customization, there is also a powerful crafting system that requires you to collect various items in various branches of Tokyo Metro facilities to advance in the game world.

Interesting history:

No RPG would be complete without the extraordinary story that this title truly offers! It is carefully crafted with realistic social elements, such as decisions that have long-term effects on other characters, as well as dialogue written according to the personality presented within each character, enhancing immersion. For long gaming sessions.

A diverse cast of characters:

As players progress through this virtual heist simulator, they will find fully developed designs, backstories, and relationships that can overcome obstacles, as well as objects scattered throughout this secure virtual network known as “Gravity Files”.

With intense battle sequences involving multiple characters, experience one of these urban mysteries taking part in a larger conspiracy, with colorful characters offering unique ways to deal with the threat.

Gravity Files APK

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION about Gravity Files Apk latest version.

Requires Android –5.0 and Up

Target: Android 9.0

File Size-  19 MB

Current Version: v1.1

Package Name: 

Rating – 4.5+

Price – Free

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