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Download Fortnite season 9 APK file for Android: # 1 Battalion Royal Game Comes to the Phone! 100-player PvP.

Fight and Fight for Build Cover Fight with your opponents. The longest live.Live on your phone, Fortnight is the only 100 player PVP game that you can find on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC and Mac. Similar cards, same gameplay, same weekly update Build your stronghold as you are fighting for the ultimate state.
Jump and Squad with friends all over the world or in the same room!

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Download Fortnite – Battle Royale For Andriod 

Download Locations for Fortnite – Battle Royale APK 8.40.0-5959167 (File Size: Varies with device)


Q: How do I play Fortnite on my Android device?
A: Download Fortnight to Epic Games Launcher here.

Q: Do I need an internet connection to play Fortnite play?
A: You need a fixed internet connection.

Q: Will Android players be forced to play with other platforms?
A: First, no, by default, Android and iOS players will only be synced with other mobile players. When a mobile player, however, followed a bipartisan party, they would be asked to play the cross in the ranks of matches.

Note: Using controllers, any player will automatically be placed with other players using the gamepad in the cross platform lobby.

Q: Bluetooth headset should be supported. Android Device?
A: Yes we currently support the use of Bluetooth Headset for audio use, but not for voice chat.

Q: Do FortNite Mouse and keyboard support support Android devices?
A: No, there is currently no support. If you use keyboard and mouse on Android, you will be removed from the matchbox.

Q: Is there a voice chat on Android devices?
A: Yes, voice chat is available on Android devices.

Q: Do you save the world on Android devices?
A: No, we do not currently have any plans to save the world on mobile devices.

Q: Is Creative Mode available on Android devices?
A: Yes, Creative Mods are available on Android devices.

Q: Does Fortnite support the routed devices?
A: No, we do not currently support native devices. We take into account the possibility of supporting future equipment, although we can get effective anti-cheat solutions.


  1. Launch Fortnite Game
  2. Go to Battle Royale
  3. Select Battle Pass Tab
  4. Purchase one among the Battle Pass or the Battle Bundle


You get all the awards, at your current level!


Yes! Every time earned Battle pass cosmetic, you can carry.

What is Fortnite season 9 android release date?

25 July 2019

download fortnite on your phone

Download Fortnite Installer


Twitch prime skins
This started in march and I didn’t get my twitch prime skins after so many months I got a reply back a few days later and it said go to Fortnite and do a bug report and I was like with.

What is epic game sign in?

What is epic game phone number?

Fortnight Season 9, week 9 are challenges, which means that the weather is almost over. Those who want all seasonal awards will have to master these challenges very quickly.

Free Challenges
Use chug jug or chug splash in different matches (0/3)

Go to the Solar System in the desert and in the forest (0/1)

Step 1 of 5: Remove from Common Rare Weapon (0/1)
Level 2 5: Rarely remove from Weapon (0/1)
Step 5 of 5: Rarely remove weapons (0/1)
Step 4 of 5: An Epic rarely abolishes the abolition with Weapon (0/1)
Step 5 of 5: Remove with Legendary Rare Weapon (0/1)

Battle Pass Challenge

Main shot loss (0/500)
Find chests in Lazy Lagoon or Happy Hamlet (0/7)
Kill enemies in different places (0/5)
Damage to the enemy within 10 after landing at Volvo’s Vent (0/200)

3 different matches – Use Chug Jug or Chug Splash in 5 Battles Stars

Chug jug or chug splash are two things to be found on the entire island. Neither, the cleavage splash is the most commonly available. Find one and give yourself quick treatment for teammates or teammates.

Where to travel with ice, deserts and solar arrays in the forest – 5 War Stars

Solar systems are groups of solar panels sown in the islands. This challenge can be completed in any order and the array can be seen on the map. For frost, Frosty is the main flight and you will see them near the hangar. The desert solar system is located just west of John Vick House. Sun measures near the water are the third group in northwestern forest.

A common, unusual, rare, epic, and mythological weapon – Remove from War Stars 10

Removal of a rare, epic or mythological weapon is an arrangement. These weapons have excessive weapons, which make them easy to remove. For general and unusual weapons, focus on running the weapons at the beginning of the game, and you will probably find one of them. Look for a simple target, such as a weapon remover.

500 Headshot Damage Handling – 10 Battle Stars

Players should constantly aim for rocket launchers and non-shotguns. To speed up this task, find a rifle for the main loss figure.

Find 7 chests in Lazy Lagoon or Happy Hamlet – 5 War Stars

Do not crawl with players anywhere, so everything works, what you like. Happy Hamlet may have some people due to some of the challenges, but both the spots are not very crazy.

Kill 5 enemies in different places – 10 combat stars

Progress through the match will gradually eliminate this challenge. Try to stop the storm circle in different places.

A volcano erupted – a loss of 200 against the enemy within 10th of the 10 battle-stars landing

The bad news is that most volcanoes, such as the name suggests, are near the volcanic and pressure plant. The good news is that a huge robot is being built in the facility, so the likelihood that players will be able to investigate it, which means that there are many goals to choose from.

14 days are filled with summer challenges

Epic has announced the appointment of Fortnight 14 days to the summer event on Monday. From Tuesday, players will have daily access to new challenges, limited time mode (LTM) and unused weapons. One of the 14-day returning LMMs in the summer is John Wicks Bounty Mode, which appeared around John Wick. Chapter 3: Peacabells Release Time

As part of Tuesday’s version 9.30 14-day update, data miners had to face the challenges of the summer. By ending the challenges, players get spray, toys and other sports equipment.

Fortbytes season 9

The 14-day squadron’s 9 are for Fortunes, only the Battalion pass is available to the owners. Collection Islands spread across the island, but when some level is reached and the exact amount of XP gets, it can be unlocked. Each FortBite Fortune 10 reveals an irritating picture and appears a new one every day.

Fortnite 9 Fortbyte Challenges

01: 175,000 awards for the XP

02: found in the hidden area of ​​loaded screen # 6

03: Reachable to the western point with skull trooper emoji

04: Accessible by Skydiving by Loot Lake Rings equipped with Plasma Trail Controls

05: easy one

06: Reachable with Yeh! Copy the ice cream parlor to the desert

07: Easy to use in a rocky umbrella, steep emoticon

08: Found in Junk Junction

09: Easy to crack.

10: 60,000 reward with XP

11: Found under a paranoid Woodland parrot

12: accessible with mud spray in molten tunnels

13: found at the hidden location within the loading screen number 2

14: Found in Campor Park

16. Fast and simple

16: The Desert House meets with many chairs

17: Wooden fish found in the building

18: Somewhere between Mega Mall and Dusty Diva

19: Accessible with Vega Dress in Spaceship Building

20: The first three storms in the center of the circle

22: Accessible with Rocks in Undercover

24: Found in the field of the fetus

25: Reward in Battle Tire 40

26: Available with Bunker Jonesy Outfit near Snowy Bunker

31: Meteor is considered crater

32: Reaching Kyo Peting Blowing Back at Northern Point

35: 225,000 reward with the XP

36: Available to Sentinel on Frozen Island

39: Weeks to Two to Six Challenges

41: Log in with restaurant tomato emoticons in a distant burger

43: Nana Cape Back Bling Reaching In Banana Stand

44: Battle pass is given in tire 20

46: Battle Pass awarded in Tier 100

47: Resorts are found between van, pirate camp and war

48: Use of Vox Pickaxe accessible on top of the mountain to destroy gnome

49: Trog’s found in ice cave

50: Knight Riding of the ruins of the palace’s top castle

51: Accessible by the clutch shaft to cross the road against the Pale banana stand

52: Entrance with a boat spray in a robot factory

53: accessible to help a disco ball take to the desert mountaineering pathogens

55: Found in the Haunted Hills

57: Squads, duos or Solo has got 25 awards in the top 10

58: Reachable with the Emo Sad Trombone at the northern end of Snobby Shores

59: Reachable with Durrr! Emoji Inside Pizza Pit Restaurant

60: Reachable with Sign Spinner Emote in front of Happy Oak Restaurant

61: accessible with sun-bird spray on frozen waterfalls

62: accessible with Stratus costumes in an abandoned mansion

63: Found between happy landing and deadly areas

64: Rocks reach the top of the stunt mountain

65: Basement Budget in Set Movie

66: winning the top 10 places in Squads, Doubles or singles

67: Accessible with flying Retaliator Glider flying over rings under Southern sky platform

68: In the icy city bookstore

69: Found a pig inside the house

70: Lazy lacuna with vibrator control parachute accessible by the above rings

71: Week 1 for the Six Challenges

72: Salty found in the spring

74: Found in a filing cabin in a killer basement on the shore of the desert

75: Found in Airport Hanger

76: See below in the History Diary of Insurance House

77: Tracks support in the shop

78: Appears in an abandoned lake Ranger tower

79: Found in the Arcade

80: Bunker Basher Pickaxe, which destroys the rock at the highest point of the volcano, can be reached by picks

81: Access to a Mountain Top Cactus Veg during the day

82: Leaving NW and block pressure plate solution can be accessed

84: Battle Pass Tire 60 Prize

85: 30,000 XP Award

87: Top 10, doubles or singles were given 50 times in the team

88: The status of the card was found everywhere in 3.

89: Pass through the rings of the Scarlet strip with red colored shores

90: Top 10 awards were given 100 times in team, couple or solo

91: Located at the hidden location in the loading screen # 4, to unlock the latest Fort बीટી

92: reachable with Rock Love Spray near lava collapse

95: Found in the solar panels array in the forest

96: Battle pass is given in tire 80

97: Hiding in loading 8

98: Wings found in the lounge house

99: 125,000 prize for the XP

100: Neo Tiilted is found on the top surface of the tallest building.

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